Buyers Bill Of Rights

Buying a car with less than perfect credit can make some people nervous. It’s a scary market out there! That’s why we created the Car Buyers Bill of Rights for our customers. Buying a car at Hollywood Motor Company is a unique experience that's different from buying anywhere else.

We have granted you, the customer, these rights to make shopping at our store worry free and fun. You are entitled to these exclusive benefits that you won’t find at any other store.

  1. You Have the Right to a Free, No-Obligation, Guaranteed Approval Process. All of our customers enjoy a guaranteed no obligation approval process.
  2. After 15 minutes of your time, we’ll have determined which lenders in our network are the best match for you and your needs and will give you up to three definitive options to finance your nicer newer car.
  3. You Have the Right to a Warranty. All of our vehicles come with a Peace of Mind Warranty. If your new car isn't covered by a manufacturer’s warranty just RELAX... We have you covered with our 90 day / 3,000 mile Powertrain Warranty. That means you won't have to worry about your engine, drive-train or axle when you drive away.
  4. You Have the Right to Rebuild Your Credit In a NICER, NEWER CAR. Just because your credit isn't the greatest doesn’t mean you have to settle for a car that isn't. We know bad things happen to good people. That’s why every make and model on our lot undergoes a rigorous 120 point inspection process, your nicer, newer vehicle is guaranteed to pass safety and emission and is backed by our free warranty.
  5. You Have the Right to a Fair and Transparent Car Buying Experience. We know bad things happen to good people creating difficulty in their lives. We have a Professional sales force highly trained in customer satisfaction that is dedicated to helping every customer find the nicer, newer car of their choice. With guaranteed financing, down payment assistance programs, and cosponsor programs we offer nearly an unlimited number of ways to purchase a nicer, newer vehicle today.
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