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Hollywood Motor Company has over 38 years of experiencing when it comes to sub-prime financing; isn't it time you team up with a dealership that knows what they're doing? Don't deal with the stress that comes from trying to secure bad credit financing or your own, ensure you can take a sleek used Toyota Corolla home today, head over to Hollywood Motor Company in St. Louis, MO for an experience you won't soon forget!

Complete A Credit Application From The Comfort Of Your Home

Our bad credit car dealership will explain the steps involved in the loan approval process and go over all the credit terms and how they affect you. We'll then provide you with a simple credit application that you can fill out here at our dealership or at home now! We realize that some people prefer to the comfort and privacy of their own home, so go ahead and complete an application right now and send it over! Once we receive your material we'll be able to run a credit check to see exactly where you fall on the credit spectrum. Our team will then be in touch to go over your unique rating and the factors that contributed to your score. There are many things that are taken into account when your unique rating is determined, like:

  • Payment history for previous loans and credit cards, including late payments
  • The number and type of credit accounts you possess
  • Public records, such as any bankruptcy filings or tax liens
  • The number of inquiries your credit report has
  • How many new credit accounts you have opened recently
  • Credit utilization rate (how much you owe divided by your credit limit, expressed as a percentage)

Don't let a past credit mistake like a repossession or foreclosure continue to dictate your purchases, head over to Hollywood Motor Company to get some help with your sub-prime auto loans today! We'll ask you about the used car you're interested in and work diligently to ensure you can take home that Jeep Wrangler tonight!

Our used car dealership in St. Louis, MO will contact many different credit lenders and financial institutions on your behalf so that we are able to present you with a comprehensive range of loan options. We'll be in touch as soon as we have a number of plans to discuss and can help you review the terms of each. We'll only present options that fit well within your budget so you can start to rebuild your credit score while driving the reliable vehicle you've always wanted.

When it's time to shop for bad credit car loans, it's time to visit Hollywood Motor Company. Head over to our convenient location to get started, contact us with any and all concerns or send over your completed application online now!

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